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Why We Do It

The Challenge

With the advancement of technology at an exponential rate, many products become obsolete rapidly and this becomes a global challenge in creating electronic waste. Millions of electronics become defunct every year.

The Solution

When you create a customizable plan for a products end-use and revitalize parts not only does it become an asset it also reduces e-waste. At CSE we take pride in being out of the box thinkers in creating the most profitable and environmental responsible solutions with our clients and vendors.

Global Locations and Additional Global Partners

Years in Business

Happy Customers

Refurbishing Electronics

Here’s how the process works:


Step 1

Your electronics are tested.


Step 2

Our technicians get your electronics into the best possible working condition.


Step 3

The newly refurbished electronics are tested again to ensure that they’re working properly.


Step 4

We resell the refurbished electronics in order to maximize your value recovery.

  • IT Asset Disposition 90%
  • Electronics Recycling 87%
  • Logistics Management 79%
  • Data Security 93%

Recycling Commitment

Cal State Electronics utilizes E-Recycling of California (ERC) and its network of certified service partners to provide ethical recycling for our customers. ERC processes over seventy million pounds of electronic devices annually. ERC holds two significant industry gold standard certifications: E-Stewards V2.0, and ISO14001. Cal State Electronics commits to providing efficient End-of-Life electronics recycling for a sustainable future. 
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